Lagging identification. An indexing bug?

In the last few days I noticed that my bird observations (which are typically ID’ed as RG by one or more people within a few hours) are currently lagging several days. I first thought this may be due to lower levels of activity in the US due to the holiday but then I checked the filtered view in the Identify page and noticed that this gives 0 matches. Am I missing anything or is this an indexing issue?

Any of your IDs that you’ve added an ID to will be marked as reviewed (personally reviewed), so check that reviewed box, or change it to “Reviewed=any” in the filters, and your observations should show up for you on that page:


As far as the question about typical time to ID or any potential causes - there’s always a bit of an increased delay during the northern hemisphere summer months (and with those giant spikes being the City Nature Challenge):

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Oh my bad. Thanks so much for the quick response.

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No prob at all! Not super intuitive to me either when I first tried to use Identify to check out my own obs.