Largest page link on user's identifications page is invalid

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Step 1: go here:

Step 2: scroll down to the bottom, where it has links to the pages 1, 2, 3…

Step 3: Push the largest page number. It doesn’t work. The second largest doesn’t work either.


i think this may be related to iNaturalist’s first 10,000 record limit for API responses (or maybe queries in general?). each of the identification pages gives you 30 records per page. so you would exceed the first 10,000 records starting at page 334.

compare what happens when you try to go to the following pages:

(so not really a bug.)


@pisum seems like it still counts as a bug, bc it impedes website functionality - but very clever diagnostics! an interim solution might be some sort of note saying “to access older records, please add a date filter” or some such, rather than listing pages >333

ok… here’s a similar bug report, where they did add (or at least said they would add) some sort of message like what you proposed:

in this particular page, i don’t think there are parameters / filters. so maybe it’s better to throw up a message saying that the page can’t show records beyond X rather than giving you the fail whale (shark).

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This bug still is there!