Life List shows Withdrawn ID

When uploading a Cardinal photo, the top Suggested species was a fish, Ostichthys archiepiscopus. I agreed so I could correct it and hopefully teach the AI or report the bad suggestion. My JPEG had the keywords bird and cardinal. The suggested fish species has no photo or observations at all. The ID is user correctable so not the subject of this bug report. The real issue is that fish species is counted on my Life List even after being withdrawn and the corrected ID is research grade.


My Cardinal Fish observation:

Yes, it is a bird and an fish too. [Edit]

You can rebuild your lifelist or delete it from the lifelist directly.

Working as designed - life lists can include taxa you’ve added to the list that are separate from your iNat observations.

I think this is related to the following problem I’ve noticed: if I withdraw an ID from an observation the ID is not removed from my life list. E.g. I have Ring-necked Dove in my lift list but this ID was withdrawn (replaced with Red-eye Dove) but Ring-necked Dove still appears in my life list. I think the moment you do an ID, that ID gets added to a database table along with your name, but it doesn’t get removed from that table when you withdraw the ID.

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I moved your post to this existing topic because it was not caused by the same problem as the other post. As you can see above, you can remove species with withdrawn IDs from your life list by either rebuilding the list, or manually removing them. However, I would strongly recommend you try out the new life list instead, which was designed in part to fix exactly this kind of problem.

The link to yours is, and you can see Ring-necked Dove is not in it:

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