Strange behaviour in automatic filling my Life List

I just added an observation which immediately was added to my Life List. On the other hand I have observations added some days ago which are still not in the list and are not added even when I apply the “Tools” for updating the list. Observation numbers are 47606957 and 47180939.

That life list sometimes behaves very oddly. I’ve got some species that are simply resistant to being added. (Nine-banded Armadillo springs to mind.) I’ve tried adding them manually, refreshing the list, doesn’t seem to matter. But, the one time I’ve tried downloading the list, they seem to show up.

Unfortunately the life list is a defunct feature; it never works correctly but iNat staff have no plans to fix it a revamp in the works. I feel your pain. Often it is better just to click “Your Observations” on the horizontal menu bar up top, and then click “species.”

looks like stay tuned…

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