Life list shows withdrawn ID - still not fixed

Repeating the same bug report as
That one was closed, but never fixed. I just saw it today on my own life list.

Yes, you can rebuild the list, and the withdrawn species will no longer show up. But that requires the owner of the list to notice the incorrect species, and know that they can fix it. Lots of people have lists they’re not checking regularly, and when others look at those lists, they will see incorrect species. So that workaround is not a good enough fix.

Instead, this should be updated at the time the ID is withdrawn. Since the life list is updated when the ID is made, it should be possible using a similar mechanism to update it when an ID is withdrawn, or a new ID given. At that time, that one item on each relevant list should be updated - I don’t think it’s necessary to rebuild the entire list from scratch, unless it’s an append-only list.

Life lists are buggy and are not updated now, so you’re right, they probably will be rewritten or restructured one day.


if you look at the comment at the end of that previous thread, you’ll see that there was no good path forward because:

life lists can include taxa you’ve added to the list that are separate from your iNat observations.


i’m not sure how rehashing things in another bug report speeds things up or otherwise helps to move things forward…

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