Limit collection based projects to 'trees'?

Thank you in advance for your help. Is there a category that can limit plant taxa to ‘trees’?

When you type ‘trees’ into the Include Taxa field, an option pops up for ‘Plants (trees)’ but it includes all plants in the Kingdom Plantae.

Do I need to list all the genera of trees to make a collection of trees in a given area? This would be difficult for urban areas with high diversity.


I’m pretty sure ‘trees’ is not actually a taxon, so you would have to use a combination of multiple more specific taxa.


“tree” has no taxonomic meaning. Its essentially a shape of plant.
So, yes, you’ll have to choose specific taxa of interest. I believe there are some projects that do so.


There’s also lot of grey area between large shrubs and small trees, especially in cultivated plants. Sometimes it comes down to what the hort industry calls “standard” or “multi”, that is, whether the plant was trained to grow with a single trunk or several.


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