Is there an limit for included or excluded taxa in a project?

I want to start a project that focuses only on woodland organism, mainly plants. In my opinion the only possible workaround/solution is to define a list in the project where all woodland dependent plants of southern germany are listet. That would be a list of app. 600 taxa. I this technically possible or is there a limit for the project filters? I see no other way to define this criteria. Am i wrong?

Thanks in advance

Hi, welcome to the forum! I don’t know the answer to your specific question, though maybe someone else will.

If you just want to be able to search for and display all the observations of taxa on a list, you can also use the list feature and the Explore page. For example this list of spring wildflowers found in the Chicago Region: (notice the list_id in the URL)

Then plug in &list_id=111820 in the URL on the Explore page to view observations on that list (and within the “Chicago Wilderness” region in my example):

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It should be a long-term projekt to work and to communicat with foresters all over southern germany. So the list solution described above will not work.

There’s currently no implemented limit on the number of taxon rules you can apply to a project, but there is likely functional limit where things start to break and we just haven’t seen it yet. We did have to limit the number of subproject rules an umbrella project can have to 500, and it’s possible there would be problems when there are around that many taxon rules.

I’d also recommend the list approach for this use case. Feel free to try adding that many rules to a project. Perhaps with taxon exclusion filters you can minimize the total number of rules you need to add. In my opinion we’d ideally allow lists as a filter option for collection projects and leave the managing of taxa sets to lists.


Thanks for the helpful answer. Yes, lists as filter option for collection projects would be the best solution.

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I have projects with more than 600 taxa (around 800), they work fine.


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