Link between iNaturalist and iMap Invasives?

I have a client that needs to submit an inventory using iMap Invasives, but I am hoping they can use iNaturalist to do the field data collection because the iMap Invasives app is so clunky and this is a tech-averse client.

Is this possible? If so, how does one make that connection between the two?

Hi @VTDonn - I moved this question over to the #general category. Looks like there is some precedent for using iNaturalist to collect observations for admins to import into iMapInvasives, e.g. see this project: by @wisel, @shelngreg, and @jmarino and these terms on the Oregon project:

iMapInvasives staff/etc can download iNaturalist data through exporting a CSV, through the API, or elsewhere (like GBIF), so fetching and importing data should be feasible in many ways and doesn’t require any effort on behalf of the person making the observations.


Hi @VTDonn,
iMapInvasives has a long-term goal to more easily integrate iNaturalist observations with iMap, but at the moment, this is managed on a state-by-state basis by our jurisdictional administrators in a manual way. You might want to reach out to some of the admins in neighboring iMap states, you can find our contact info at
Lindsey with Oregon iMapInvasives

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