Link to Identify from user pages

Would be nice to be able to hit “Identify” from the user’s profile and observation page. Rather than having to go to Identify and type in their username. This would be one way to help recruit more people to add identifications. See also similar request to add an Identify link to taxon pages.

On my user profile and “edit observations” page, link to:

(Previously requested in November 2017 on the Google Group.)

I agree with this. Just for completeness, here is another way to ID all your observations. Slightly more convenient than searching for an username in the ID tool, but of course not as discoverable as a link on a profile page:



I’m out of votes, but I would use this all the time


Where I really feel the need for an identify button is on projects. But one on profiles would also be cool.


I believe there is one in the “View Observations” screen on projects.


Still super into this, but now I have more votes : D


That’s great idea, it would make identification little bit easier.
Also it would be great to see something like “this person identify xxx taxa the most” or sth like that on a profile of a user with a lot of identifications. To see if the person have some possible specification.

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Some are good about filling out their about - I study Pelargoniums … then I remember to ask mattmatt next time.