Add a link to Identify on taxon pages

I agree, but in this case, surely these are already agreed to Research Grade? (Unless there are subspecies requiring elevation to Research Grade - in which case good!!).
But on higher taxa requiring ID to species level, I fully support this.

Alternatively it could be on the taxon menu bar - e.g. genus:
( [Map] [About] [Trends] [Taxonomy] [Similar Taxa] [Help ID] )

Only please dont make it default to seeing everything that I have not reviewed: only those that actually require an ID for research grade.

In what case? The 10,149 observations listed in the screenshot are a mix of Needs ID and Research Grade (verifiable=true vs. verifiable=any). The Help Identify link would go to this URL, which by default excludes Casual and Research Grade observations:


Oh, I kinda don’t like that idea! It goes straight to a thumbnail page that is 100% showing “Agree” buttons and invites the problematic agreements where the identifier doesn’t see the description/comments! Maybe after the thumbnail “Agree” buttons are conditionally not shown for comments and multi-photos I would see the benefit in this!

That’s a confusing comment which piques my interest in hearing more about your identification workflow, since this is the way the Identify page has looked for several years. But that’s a discussion better held elsewhere than this feature request I think…


This would be a nice shortcut for times when I’m on a taxon page and see a bunch of questionable out of range observations that need to be curated. I’d support this.


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