Link to today's NY Times story on iNaturalist

Thanks so much to all the iNatters who spoke to me about what they love about this place. My story is up on NY Times today and will be on the front page of the print paper tomorrow. It only covers a small fraction of what iNaturalist is all about, but I hope you enjoy it and that you will share it with others. Or at least take the quiz! Here is a link that should work for non-subscribers:



Fabulous article! Thanks for sharing the link here. I appreciated the main theme of the surprising civility that makes iNaturalist so pleasant. If only all of our online discussions could be as respectful!


Observe, record, report. Our singular purpose intersects with each other in remarkable ways. Thank you for participating in your own capacity to build this window.


I really enjoyed your article and have shared it with my plant nerd friends.

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