Links aren't working from "collapsed" description on Identify

I don’t know how correctly name his topic, but when there’s a link to another observation in description of observation and description isn’t fully opened (in id tab) and link is shown only partially it’s working as link is in fact that short.


You can recreate this with any observation, write description long enough with link, so it will be partially hidden in id tab, I can’t find this particular observation, but it’s not a new problem.

if you click the link - does it still open for you - despite being cut off?
I’m on the website with a laptop. Are you using the app?

Yes, if I click on it it’s opening, but in this cut state, I’m using Chrome on Windows.

I mean to use the link you need to fully open the description, in other parts of website and everywhere else if link is partially hidden it still works as a whole.

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Also Chrome and Windows. If I mouseover a link, bottom left on my screen I can see the full URL.

As you can see, it doesn’t show me the full link at the bottom left.

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I was able to recreate the problem. I think the way you described maybe it can be a bit confusing, but to help others, here is what I did to find the issue:
I went to the identify page and filtered by location: Bucks County, PA and taxon: “Winged and Once-winged Insects” and set subclass as the lowest rank for the results and I found that example listed above ( ).
Once I clicked on the example, the link was cut off. When I clicked on the link in the description, it took me to “” instead of the full URL, so it brought me to an error page. However, if you visit the observation itself not from the identify page, the link works fine.

Definitely seems like an issue to me.


I can replicate, I’ll add it to my report.


Should be working now. I saw this without a “more” button showing and clicking the link took me to the correct page.

Can someone confirm?

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