Header: Identify link inaccessible when browser is small

When the browser is small, the link to Identify disappears. It should collapse into the More panel or something in lieu of a more holistic approach to variable screen sizes.

Full size:

Half size:

(repost image with full drop menu)

Windows 10 / Chrome / browser at half size on 1920 x 1080 resolution. Cannot replicate in Firefox or Edge.

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I’m seeing Identify in the More menu when the window is small, both on my iPhone and when using Chrome on my laptop.

i don’t see any problem.

here’s Chrome (100%) + Edge (100%) at quarter size on Win 10 with 2160 x 1440 (150%) resolution:

here’s Chrome (100%) + Edge (100%) at quarter size on Win 10 with 1920 x 1080 (100%) resolution:

your Chrome page layout seems less wide than mine even though your half sized window should be the same width as my quarter sized window in my second set. maybe you have some unusual zoom settings?

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Normal zoom.

hmmm… it’s strange that the page layouts would differ. what does the console say your page size is?

and do you have the latest Chrome build?

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Latest Chrome build. Width is 750.4 px at half size:

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ah, ok… your Win 10 zoom / scaling is probably set at 125%. i can reproduce it in Chrome now. here’s Chrome (100%) + Edge (100%) at quarter size on Win 10 with 1920 x 1080 (125%) resolution:

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Apologies, I’m not a Windows user so I just want to make sure I understand: the system’s resolution itself is set to 125%?

something like that. a lot of screens nowadays have very high pixel density. so you can scale everything up on such a display to make sure text and images aren’t too tiny. here’s a picture of the Win 10 display settings on my machine:

I use Chrome - Windows - at 125% zoom - to read comfortably

Yeah looks like this laptop’s default and “recommended” zoom is 125%. Seems strange that the Identify link would disappear and not drop into the More menu at any particular zoom.

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Agreed. I’ll add it to my report.

i bet the page just isn’t expecting fractional pixels. it’s probably not handling those quite right in certain cases.

I was able to replicate this locally and fixed it by using fractional pixel widths. We’ll get it deployed soon (probably tomorrow). Good sleuthing, everyone!

We deployed a fix for this late last week, I think. Is this still happening for anyone?

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Working for me, thanks!

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