List of ladybirds/Coccinellidae in Ukraine

Hi everyone, this is a strange question but I’ve got a podcast about ladybirds and I’m trying to research an episode discussing ladybirds in Ukraine. I’m having difficulty finding a list of species as I would like to be able to say definitively the number of Coccinellidae species found in the country. If someone is able to tell me where i could find this (preferably in English) that would be great, or at least a list by genus of where these ladybirds are found.

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It’s probably not what you are asking for, but just in case you are not aware: you can easily get a list of those found on iNat:

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Hi :) Yes I looked at that but I don’t know if it is likely to be accurate since eg Germany has around 83 different species of ladybirds and yet in Ukraine there were only 47 listed - in Europe as a whole there are apparently 207.

One could also look at GBIF, e.g.

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there is one for Latvia
otherwise I know the one in Lobl-Smetana vol. IV, not very easy to use. Let me know if you don’t find anthing better.

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Have a look at this:
PESI portal - Search (

Suggests 80 species

There might be a few others, but you can just change the search parameter that is currently ‘Present’ to ‘introduced’, or other categories
actually there’s only 4 more, in the ‘doubtful’ category, and none in any other category. So that should give you 84 species total
PESI portal - Search (


Thanks, this is great!!

Thanks so much, this is all really useful stuff. I guess inconspicuous ladybirds are usually underrecorded so there may be more out there we don’t know about.

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