Loan advertisement within comment

Some idiot has sent me two loan applications within posts of a Hoopoe I agreed with. “Mark Davson added a comment”. Total nonsense, can you take this *&^#@! down? I hope that this is not a portent of things to come.


I deleted this specific comment, this user is clearly making multiple profiles and adding similar content under the different profiles. At least 2 are now suspended.

I only saw 1 comment though, not 2 unless someone else deleted the other.
under different user names, I’m trying to find them all

Feel free to flag ads/commercial content/weird links to irrelevant websites as spam.

I wonder how to flag a comment? Or is ok to flag the observation containing spam comment?

No, don’t flag the observation. Click the upper right corner of the comment and select Flag.


Nothing you can really do about this kind of isolated problem on platforms like this other than what others have suggested. Like most things we have take the bad with the good… Just treat this stuff like litter in one of our beautiful natural places…pick up/dispose and move on :)


The reason why they are doing it under multiple accounts, is once they do it a couple of times, their account gets automatically suspended, so they then move on and create a new account. Unfortunately, they have to do it a couple of times for that to suspension to kick in.

Thanks for letting me know how to deal with these dolts. I did like the analogy about litter in a beautiful natural setting!

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