Journal Post Caught By Spam Filter

Just noticed the journal post got flagged automatically for spam… Sigh

too many dots, I think

Edit: I plan to add many links (Keys, journal posts) to that post, so I guess I will go to battle with the iNat spam system :)


It looks like you only have one observation. The iNat spam filters treat content from users with very few identifications with more scrutiny (since most spam posts come from accounts with <10 observations that are made for the purposes of posting spam). If you make some more observations, this shouldn’t be a continuing issue.


I mostly want to use my account for identification

I have 1700 IDs - If I was a spammer, why would I add that many?

Edit: I think this discussion is going off-topic

Edit 2: My apologies if I seemed like I was implying anything, I was directing the “I have 1700 IDs - If I was a spammer, why would I add that many?” sentence at the iNat spam filter detection

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I’m not claiming that you are a spammer, just informing how the system works. If you read the link @dianastuder posted above, you’ll see you likely only need to make 2 more observations to avoid being caught in the spam filter, which should only take a few minutes. You did introduce the issue of the journal post being flagged as spam and issue with the spam filter, so I think it’s reasonable for other users to attempt to assist with that. However, I’m happy to transfer the posts about spam to a different thread that can then be closed if you would like, leaving only your initial post about journal formatting here.

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I have resolved the spam flag on your post.


Sorry if it seemed like I was saying that you were claiming I was a spammer, that was not my intention.

can you move the posts about the spam to a different thread?

I have also marked you as a non-spammer, so you shouldn’t get caught so easily again. The system is designed to catch new accounts that suddenly add lots of spam content to large numbers of observations. That can be done in the form of IDs - so the automated system is suspicious of highly active accounts with few observations.

EDIT: I should add that this also means that your profile is now visible to other users