Location obscured for non-threatened species?

There are two lizard species in New Zealand: Raukawa Gecko (Woodworthia maculata) https://inaturalist.nz/taxa/738036-Woodworthia-maculata and the New Zealand Grass Skink (Oligosoma polychroma) https://inaturalist.nz/taxa/37864-Oligosoma-polychroma which are not threatened and yet all observations are obscured with this message:

Taxon is threatened, coordinates obscured by default: One of the taxa suggested in the identifications, or one of the taxa that contain any of these taxa, is known to be rare and/or threatened, so the location of this observation has been obscured.

This would appear to be incorrect, so is it possible for these locations to be shown?


Hi Andy,

For questions like this it is better to address them by flagging the species for curator review, there is a blue coloured drop down towards the bottom right on the taxon page to do it.

I’ve done it for you on both.

Not living anywhere near NZ, I’m not familiar with the rationale as to why they may have been obscured so have not edited them, but rather just flagged for other hopefully local curators to review.


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