Location voted not accurate when there is a large location circle

I have come across a couple of observations where someone has voted no to “Location is accurate” where the location accuracy circle is very large thus making the observation casual.

In the first case I couldn’t be certain that the observation wasn’t made where the pin was placed but the location accuracy circle was huge (I think 100-200km).

In a second case the observation was obviously at a coastal location and the pin was inland. The circle did include a large amount of sea so I have no reason to assume that the observation made wasn’t within that circle. I the person who clicked “no” may not have spotted the large accuracy circle since it was so large that the edge of the circle is outside the map at the default zoom level in identify!

I’m assuming “Location is accurate = no” is only supposed to be used where the observation wasn’t observed anywhere within the accuracy circle?

The help states:

the community agrees the location doesn’t look accurate (e.g. monkeys in the middle of the ocean, captive/collected organisms observed inside a building but unlikely to have been found there naturally, etc.)

It might be less confusing if the circle size was called something other than “accuracy”. Maybe uncertainty?

There’s a feature request for that, so I’m going to close this thread to focus on the discussion over there.

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