Looking for a good identification guide on European Jumping Spiders

Hi everyone,
I love jumping spiders and would really like to expand my knowledge on the different species we have in Germany / Europe. I found that there are a lot of unidentified jumping spider observations on iNat and I would love to help ID them while learning about the species and their characteristics in the process. I’ve looked online for books that could help me ID Jumping Spiders but couldn’t really find anything.
Does anyone have a recommendation for a good book for IDing the Jumping Spiders of Europe or maybe an Online Guide?
Thank you!

There’s the 1999 Collins field guide Spiders of Britain & Europe

There is an online guide and key at Araneae - Spiders of Europe: https://araneae.nmbe.ch/

http://salticidae.org/ has info and resources specifically for jumping spiders, but their focus is more global

The Jumping Spiders of Northwest Europe page is more of a photo gallery, but it may be useful for jumping spiders: https://ednieuw.home.xs4all.nl/Spiders/Salticidae/Salticidae.htm

The The Spiders of Europe and Greenland page has a specific section for jumping spiders, but again it’s more of an image gallery and the only ones listed are those that have photos associated with them: http://www.jorgenlissner.dk/Salticidae.aspx

I suspect most of these will be a bit incomplete, but taken together they may provide a decent overview.


I know that this isn’t what you’re looking for…but may compliment what @earthknight posted. It’s using iNaturalist to display species of Salticidae of Europe:

Plus this page, which covers all European spiders. Text in German, but excellent images and distribution tables should also help those who don’t read German: https://wiki.arages.de/index.php?title=Salticidae

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