Lost in translation

In the November update post, Tony stated

‘Many additional translations throughout the websites and apps’

So, in November, in total there were some hundred words to be translated.

Today, 2nd December, I opened my Email inbox to discover this:

so if hundreds count as ‘many’, what’s the appropriate description for several thousand words??
This feels like starting to translate a novella.:scream:

(Btw, I didn’t dare to take a look at the strings yet…)


I am completely and boringly monolingual, so I appreciate your efforts to make iNat accessible around the world. But I have gotten in the habit of IDing Unknowns and there are certainly novellas (novels, whole series - hell, encyclopedias!) of Unknowns to be dealt with. If it helps, I try to think of IDing Unknowns and, I suspect, doing translations like my knitting. One stitch at a time, a row or two a night, a whole section of completely boring work in the middle where I just grit my teeth and keep on working (but I do whine), and lo! A new sweater in a couple of months. And then I can’t wait to start another one.

Let’s face it: We’re all crazy in the best ways.


Sorry about that @carnifex. I tried out Crowdin’s translation branch feature, which is supposed to not require translators to re-translate everything they’ve already translated in the branch, but it screwed up on all the plural strings and they all appeared as untranslated in the branch, and yes, that is a novella’s worth of text.

Anyway, I deleted the branch so in theory it should be back to normal now.

The slightly longer explanation is that we’re hoping to make a long-overdue requirement that everyone have a functioning email address, and those changes do include a lot of new and altered text that will need to be translated. I was hoping to make that text available to translators before we merge and deploy those changes, which is what Crowdin’s translation branches are supposed to achieve, but I guess we’ll just have to do what we normally do: merge the changes, avoid deploying for a few days, and then merge whatever translations we get get before deploying.


Too often we suffer most sorely
and thereby feel most poorly
from dreaded aches and pains.

That’s a relief! In hindsight, I should’ve checked the strings to realize they weren’t there (anymore)

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Do not worry, there are new strings to translate…

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