Lynx and wolverine observations not appearing on project

Wolverine and lynx tracks (all research grade) not appearing on our wildlife tracking project here in Sweden.

do you have examples of observations that you think should be in the project, but which aren’t


If those species are of conservation concern and automatically geo-obscured, and if your project is defined with geographic boundaries, then they won’t show up. We have the exact same issue with rare plants not showing up in our Wildflower Big Year projects. It’s a bummer, but I’m not sure if there’s any way around it.


Welcome to the Forum! Looking at your project, it restricts observations to those posted by you (learnthelandsweden), occuring in Netherlands or Sweden, and within certain taxonomic groups. All but 16 of your observations are included in the project. Further looking at those that are not included (via the “not_in_project” URL field):
we can see that all the lynx and wolverine observations are missing locations, so cannot be mapped to either Netherlands or Sweden.

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I think it’s automatically geo obscuring them because they do have a location attached to the observation on my end.

It looks like the location is set to “private” on these observations via taxon geoprivacy for Sweden.

It looks like the project location has now been changed to include these observations.

Since there isn’t a bug here, I’m moving to General.

Ah - I missed that. I’ve only seen taxon geoprivacy as “obscured” and didn’t know “private” was possible.