Maintain original order of IDs after taxon changes

This isn’t much of a priority but I notice that when taxon swaps add new IDs, it then assumes a new “disagreement” with an ID that was entered later. For instance:


Here the original ID of family was invalidated due to taxon swap. The second identifier narrowed down the ID to subfamily. But the taxon swap added the first ID as a new entry after the subfamily, and it has marked it as a “disagreement”. This is wrong since the taxon swap family ID was made prior to the subfamily ID that it is supposedly “disagreeing” with.

It made me consider the significance of maintaining the “order” of the IDs. The result was that I came up with this idea, which would not only keep that chronological ordering but also prevent taxon swaps from filling up the page with annoying crossed out boxes.


Just a thought.

I like the idea of consolidating the outdated ID with the replacement ID into a single block. I’m a little sad about losing the name of the outdated ID though.

Mistakes are made in the taxon changes, though, and I think it’s good to be able to see the history. Here is an observation that had three people in agreement that the correct taxon was Mimulus aurantiacus, Orange Bush Monkeyflower. But the taxon change was for a different species formerly known as Mimulus grandiflorus, Largeflower Bush Monkeyflower. I like being able to see what the original IDs–both mine and others’–were in this situation.

That’s what the “History” button is intended for in my mockup example.

Oh, I missed the “History” button.

@silversea_starsong I played around with making the topic title reflect the details of the request. Feel free to edit.

You might be interested in voting for this one. ;)