Maintain taxonomic info for identifications when common names are hidden

I hope my title isn’t confusing - I didn’t know how to concisely word this feature request.

I prefer to see scientific names over common names for observations and identifications. Recently, I hid common names entirely and like it this way. But, when common names are disabled, all taxonomic info is also removed. Here’s an example, using the same identifications on the same observation.

This first photo is when common names are shown. Below the species ID it says “a member of Family Primulaceae (Primroses)”. This is really handy when I’m unfamiliar with a genus or species and can see which family it’s in without going to its respective page.

This second photo is when common names are hidden. “A member of…” is no longer there.

Is there any way to retain the taxonomic info when common names are disabled? An ID of Primulaceae could show “a member of Order Ericales”.

The settings might be off on your account. I would email to have Tony take a look at the glitch.

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That definitely sounds to me like unintentional behavior. I don’t know if it’s possible to reclassify this post as a Bug Report, but that’s what I would do.

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Thanks, I don’t think I can reclassify as a Bug Report but I contacted iNat help.


Just following up, it isn’t a bug, it’s intentional. Basically we search up the tree for the nearest taxon containing a common name (eg Primulaceae) and add it. Since you have turned off common names, there is not containing taxon which has a common name.

So it’s something we can implement, but we need to know:

  • would you want to see the common name here, or just see a containing taxon’s scientific name?

  • we would probably have to arbitrarily pick a rank to display - does family work?

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Got it, thanks for the explanation. Family seems like a good choice to me, but of course I can’t speak for the originator of this request.

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Thanks for the reply @tiwane! I would prefer to see the containing taxon’s scientific name. The family level would be ideal.

OK, added an issue for this here:

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