Make current location default in Android app instead of South Atlantic Ocean (0,0)

When I add in the Android app a prerecorded sound the date, time and location is empty.
The current date and current time are the default and can be added easy but the current location not:
the pointer is standing in (0,0) in the South Atlantic Ocean.

I was never there, I am never there and I expect never to be there.

I think it is more helpfull to check if the gps is working and make the current location the default in the iNaturalist - app. Especially if you record the bird sound, check if it is good enough and make an observation on the current location with the current time. Opening the current location is will be better in more occasions, not only when adding a prerecorded sound.

I think current location is alway better…than the Atlantic Ocean as i used to be on a different continent. Often i tried to upload the same day preventing scrolling a lot of 100kms. H

For what it’s worth you don’t have to scroll, just tap on the target icon to bring the map to your current location.


Yes but often on travel i have no idea where i am so i could easily be mistaken 500km if i take the location of the previous day or stop.
But an Interpolation button on the iphone app would also help.