Make it easier to insert photos into comments, journals, etc

I love how easy it is to put photos into posts here on the forum – usually I copy the image to my clipboard and just paste it directly into the composer. I don’t have to save the image to my computer or write raw html or anything.

In contrast, my usual workflow for posting images to iNat is to put them up on imgur, then copy the URL, then add the image via typing in html in the body of the comment. (I’m talking about images like maps to display on taxon changes, not actual observation images, example below.)

This request is for a forum-style way to add images on iNat. That means both having iNat host the images, and a way to insert them when composing comments, journals, etc. that doesn’t require writing out html/markdown.

@jwidness I completely agree with what you say. There should be a way to insert photos like how it is on the forum. Great idea.

Agree too. Especially when posting images in comments, it would be especially useful when someone asks for ID comparisons between two similar looking species. Since sometimes words may be too technical for the layperson, or sometimes too vague, so visual context would be useful in that sense.



Couldn’t agree anymore!
I am a web iNat user and sometime when I use the messege on iNat to comunicate ID and taxonomy topics, I have to send the photo to explain my idea or show more detail than the observation photo or just to let the recipient know what I am saying. But I can’t send the image directly because there aren’t the function on the messege. I have to send the image or original website link but some of the photo are saved in my computer an can’t find its original link any more so I can’t let the opposite see my image, that’s much annoying.
If we can send the image directly it will be easier and better.

Yes, having iNat host the images would be a major improvement.

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I too would like to drag-and-drop photos into my journal postings. Not all photos that would go in a journal posting are what would be considerend observational evidence. They pertain to just the thoughts contained in the journal posting. They are not necessarily posted anywhere else.