Adding photos from your computer to a project journal

Hi, I am trying to add a visualization of some of the iNat data users have submitted to my project to a journal post. I have the file on my personal computer. The only instructions I can find are for linking photos that are iNat observations or that are already present online. Any suggestions?

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I had believed it is not possible to add images, rather than observation links, to Journal posts, but I would love to, so am following.

The journal say “img” is an allowed HTML code. Posting videos works as at here:

I simply had youtube to give me the HTML code to embed the video. I don’t have photos publicly shared at the moment to give you the code, am working on it. :)

The picture is shared from my google drive with the following in my journal. That is a Barbie doll.
<iframe src="" width="640" height="480"></iframe>

That sounds great. And does that add any load to the iNat servers?

It shouldn’t. It tells your browser to open a box (frame or img) and then to go to a web address to get picture/video. So it is just a few characters of storage space on iNat’s servers.

Thanks very much. I may have to come back here for more advice when I try to do it, as I don’t know html. Not even to Bold or underline etc. I have tried.

See related feature request to make it easier to bold, underline, add images, etc:


A lot of the share sites will produce the HTML required to use it elsewhere. Both of mine did. You just have to copy it from there and paste it into your journal. If it doesn’t, you should just have to change the “https://. . .” with where yours is located. The height and width is optional.


I have written a little journal post about adding pics to posts which may answer some of your questions:


Thanks very much - I am looking forward to absorbing that info. Just what I’ve been looking for


Great write-up on how to do it, and make it look nice!

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