Many Morpho sp. and ssp. not existing in the taxa list, what to do?

To the admins and all those concerned

Hello and a nice day to all. I have a strong interest in the Genus Morpho and would like to share my knowledge and help to identify whereever possible. But particularly concerning the genus Morpho i found that the possibilities to correctly identify are very limited due to a incomplete and partially incorrect taxa list. The results are that many identifications are completly wrong, but still have Research Grade.

Is there a way to change the situation?

Have a wonderful day

Here’s a couple of links that may be helpful:

This one explains how to get a new species added:

This one gives the steps required to be made a curator, if you have that interest:


Depending on the situation, this could be fixed with taxon changes. You’d have to be careful, though, and often it’s best just to add IDs anyway.

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Yes, as others have noted, this is a situation which should be addressed on itself, likely by flagging the taxa you are interested in, and starting a conversation with curators by tagging them. As such, I’m closing the thread here.