Adding taxa from South America, Asia, etc

Apparently iNaturalist doesn’t have good comprehensive lists of taxa from South America, Asia, etc., to use as reference lists. Apparently species have to be added individually. How do we flag observations so someone will add the taxon (or at least look at the record to see if that should be done?

When identifying “unknowns” I’ve run into observations from South America that are identified, but to taxa iNaturalist doesn’t know. As far as I can tell from a quick google search, the taxa are accepted in their fields. I think they should be added.

(This is separate from the issue of recently published names for North American taxa iNaturalist doesn’t know yet – but will, I expect.)

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Have you tried searching external name providers to add the taxa? That almost always works, except for more recently described spp


And if this doesn’t work, you can put a flag on a higher taxon (the genus or higher) saying which species are missing.


I’ll try the external name providers.

I understand the concept of flagging, I just don’t know where to find the button.

On the higher taxon page, under “curation.”

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