Map Covers "Your Observations" when Accessed from Dashboard

When I access my observations list from my dashboard a map (pinned with all of my observation locations) covers the first four (or most recent) observations.

I am using Chrome and this happens on my Chromebook as well as a desktop Dell. I also use the website – no mobile devices (i.e. phone/app).

So, essentially, if I click on Dashboard, then Observations, I see a list of my observations with a map on top of it - obscuring the details of my latest observations. I’ve attached a screenshot:

Is it possible to remove this map from this screen so I may see the information behind it?

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I do not personally know how to fix your issue, but I can tell you it’s not supposed to be happening.

What version of Chrome are you using?

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i think this has been discussed before somewhere, though i can’t find the post. what i can see is that some of the fonts on your page are relatively large. you probably have the font size in your browser set to something larger than normal, which is probably causing this particular problem. check your browser settings. if you need to scale things up for readability, i would scale up everything, not just the fonts in the browser.