Marine Species List

The problem with including phylum’s such as ‘Molluscs’ in a marine species list is that you will inevitably also include Freshwater species so sometimes you may have to come down to family (or even genus) to include only marine species to the list, while excluding the freshwater species. The same principle can be applied to Fish, Algae, Sponges and much other Taxon.
This gives the ability for any user to use the list and transfer all marine species to a marine life project. It allows the user to browse only marine life. Of course, there are exceptions. Some fish travel upstream, some species may be found in Salt, Brackish and freshwater.
I created this Marine Species List for Victoria.
Another simple way to add your species to a project is: Here is a link for an observer wanting to transfer all images in a few clicks. Note: only 200 observations at a time can be transferred to a project and you may have to navigate to various pages to transfer more than 200. You can also use the tools iNat provides to add ‘Place’ or other features. You may have to change the user ID & Place ID to tailor to your requirements.

The list is for Victoria-AU only as most species would be excluded in other parts of the world.

This looks like it may fall into the same category as the following feature requests:

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