Help me create a filter for marine life (wiki)

What taxa would you include or exclude from a search if you wanted to make an Identify filter that more or less included all marine life?

this is more of a theoretical list.
I’d say, if 95%+ of the taxon spends 75%+ of its life in oceans, add it, but don’t go overkill adding individual genera and species if there are too many.

Cyanobacteria 67334
(I’m not knowledgeable enough to sort out which subgroups may be mostly marine and which not)
356608 Prochlorococcus
356581 Synechococcus
208358 Chroococcaceae
208556 Lyngbya
325302 Phormidium

Lichens and Fungi
462953 Flavoplaca marina (Orange sea lichen)
328175 Corollospora

48221 Ochrophyta (includes 123880 diatoms and 68789 kelps)
792081 Cryptista (algae-like eukaryotes)
51845 Haptophyta (algae including coccolithophores)
130225 Dinoflagellates
348288 Foraminifers
323055 Heliozoa
1121486 Apicomonadea (chromerida - algae associated with corals)

57774 red algae minus 356590 Cyanidiophyceae
50863 green algae possibly minus 59713 Chlorophyceae (contains a lot of freshwater algae)
52615 Zosteraceae (Eelgrasses and Surfgrasses)
50376 Cymodoceaceae (Manatee-grass)
71606 Posidoniaceae (Posidonia marine grass)
50362 Enhalus (Tape grass)

Animalia (tried to place these in the order they would show up on an iNat Taxonomy List minus Chordates which follows instead)
122158 Brachiopoda (Lamp Shells)
152098 Heterotardigrada (Rough-bodied Tardigrades)
151826 Acanthocephala ( Thorny-headed Worms) needs to be narrowed down
151827 Chaetognatha (Arrow Worms)
151832-Kinorhyncha(Mud Dragons)
47115 Mollusca minus 871448 Sphaeriida, 775841 Unionida, 801485 Dreissenoidea, 64009 Corbicula, 551438 Hygrophila, 83796 Architaenioglossa, 47485 Stylommatophora, 245601 Helicinoidea, 480274 Veronicelloidea, 86005 Pomatiidae, 82170 Pleuroceridae, 68812 Thiaridae, 82220 Hydrobiidae, 489617 Tateidae
245097 Chelicerata minus 47119 arachnids
85493 Crustaceans minus 85732 Diaptomidae and 84718 Oniscidea and 47783 Astacoidea and 209360 Parastacoidea and 342941 Pseudothelphusoidea
47491 Annelida (Segmented Worms) minus 69758 Lumbricidae and a heap of stuff
47490 Polycheate worms
47534 Cnidarians minus 203709 Hydridae
47549 Echinoderms
48051 Phoronida (Horseshoe Worms)
48665 Sipuncula (Peanut Worms)
48824 Porifera
51280 Nemertea (Ribbon Worms) minus 88477 Geonemertes, 840351 Acteonemertidae and 90649 Pantinonemertes
51508 Ctenophora (Comb jellies)
52319 Flatworms minus 475828 geoplanoidea
68104 Bryozoans


  • 372234 Chelonioidea (Sea Turtles)
  • 35347 Amblyrhynchus cristatus (Marine Iguana)
  • 492346 Hydrophiinae (Sea Snakes)


  • 46306 Sirenia (Dugongs and Manatees) minus 46319 Trichechus inunguis,
  • 152871 Cetacea (Whales and Dolphins) minus 41466 Iniidae and 41429 Platanistidae
  • 41860 Enhydra lutris (Sea Otter)
  • 41776 Lontra felina (Marine Otter)
  • 41644 Ursus maritimus (Polar Bear)
  • 372843 Pinnipedia (Walruses and Seals) minus 41689 Pusa sibirica and 533484 Pusa hispida ladogensis and 531609 Pusa hispida saimensis and 237878 Phoca vitulina mellonae


  • 71309 Chionidae (Sheathbills)
  • 71325 Haematopodidae (Oystercatchers) minus 4851 Haematopus finschi and 4850 Haematopus leucopodus and 4843 Haematopus ostralegus
  • 71320 Dromadidae (Crab-Plover)
  • 71367 Stercorariidae (Skuas)
  • 71295 Alcidae (Auks)
  • 67564 Sphenisciformes (Penguins)
  • 67567 Phaethontiformes (Tropicbirds)
  • 4328 Pelecanus occidentalis (Brown Pelican)
  • 4325 Pelecanus thagus (Peruvian Pelican)
  • 67565 Procellariiformes (Tubenoses)
  • 4628 Fregatidae (Frigatebirds)
  • 3784 Sulidae (Boobies and Gannets)
  • 5304 Haliaeetus pelagicus (Steller’s Sea-Eagle)

Other Chordates
129726 Cephalochordata (Lancelates)
130868 Tunicata (Sea Squirts)
47178 Ray-finned Fish minus 49588,85750,1032182,59115,49609 and a bunch more
47273 Elasmobranchs (Sharks and Rays) minus 86008 Potamotrygonidae
60450 Holocephali (Chimaeras)
85511 Coelacanthiformes (Coelacanths)
49099 Myxini (Hagfish)
some Petromyzonti, e.g. Petromyzon marinus (Sea Lamprey)

what do I add? what do I exclude?



Maybe flat forms too, there’re enough marine ones?
Crustaceans minus some groups probably.
Chelicerata - Arachnida


I read the title and though you were trying to create a filter for sea monsters :sweat_smile:


I changed it since it’s so confusing lol

I made it a wiki and did a few edits – I think mammals are done, but otherwise still a work in progress.


If vertebrates do count, then marine turtles, sea iguanas, sea snakes.


Thank you Jane!
It’s a wiki now, so add whatever is missing.

I changed mollusks to this. It’s very hard to separate out terrestrial and freshwater groups from marine ones, so it depends on how specific you want to get. Exclude Veronicelloidea (9800 observations) and Corbicula (8300 observations), etc. ? And they often blur the lines with brackish and quasi-aquatic habitats.

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Someone knowledgable should write which taxa in Hydrophiinae should be minused.

It doesn’t have to be perfect. This idea came out of a discussion between myself and richyfourtytwo when we were making identify urls for mentors. Fortunately I am happy to focus on what you’re offering which is bivalves and gastropods so making the url was easy, but it made me realize that “marine life” was a touch too vague of an option.

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OK that’s probably fine then. I’m sure other people have also looked into this, perhaps for collection projects.

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There’s like 1000 species in that one and I get the impression they were added at very low ranks. I’m hoping for a more rough generalist approach that can be applied globally.
In any case, I’m always skeptical of projects relying on species lists because new species are arriving or being discovered all the time. Of course in practice/execution you work with what data you have, but it depends on the purpose of the project I guess.

But yeah, should have done a forum search in case of redundancy.

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Are you wanting species that spend part of their life in the marine environment such as Loons, Harlequin Ducks, River Otters (at least around the Salish Sea)?

it’s kind of arbitrary, so let’s say 75% of their life or more on or in an ocean, speaking globally

67564 Sphenisciformes
67567 Phaethontiformes
4323 Pelecanidae
67565 Procellariiformes
71268 Suliformes
67561 Charadriiformes minus 4574 Jacanidae, 4339 Pedionomidae, 3995 Rostratulidae, 3777 Thinocoridae, 20863 Turnicidae, 339896 Pluvianidae, 71330 Ibidorhynchidae, and 4590 Glareolidae

I am sure others can add or remove more groups.

Sorry, does a wiki mean we have to edit what you have written at the top?

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Yes, it means main post is editable for other users.

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It gets a bit messy unless someone curates it.


Are you planning to include microscopic/planktonic life or just macroscopic? It seems a few algae are missing, e.g. cryptomonads, haptophytes, and diatoms. Dinoflagellates and chromerida also come to mind as well. And cyanobacteria, which are a huge part of phytoplankton.

this is more of a theoretical list.
I’d say, if 95%+ of the taxon spends 75%+ of its life in oceans, add it, but don’t go overkill adding individual genera and species if there are too many.