Marking a species as introduced - Cylindropuntia in South America

There are now about 40 observations of C. tunicata in S. America. This is an introduced species for that continent but seems not to have wandered far from the western side, i.e. EC, PE, BO, CL & AR. So should it be marked as introduced on the check list page for each of these countries separately or for the whole continent?


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If a species is introduced to the entire continent, it’s fine to just mark it as introduced to the continent and not all the descendant places (on observations anywhere within the continent, it should display as introduced automatically unless otherwise set). You can also press the button apply establishment means to descendant places.

I’m not familiar with the specifics of this case, but it is odd that Flora of North America and IUCN consider it native to parts of South America, but Plants of the World Online consider it introduced everywhere in South America, so it might need a more place-by-place approach here.

For me it would make sense to mark it as introduced wherever it is not native. So, for me, ok for marking C. tunicata as intruced for S. America if it is really so. This should allow to automatically consider it introduced if it would be found in the wild somewhere else in S. America.

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