Endemic species appearing as introduced in its original distribution

Shouldn’t this appear as endemic, not introduced?
(This species is endemic to Madeira and introduced in Azores and Lisboa; the obs. was taken in Madeira)

I guess it’s marked as invasive for Portugal place, you can visit the place and change the status and then add it to those regions as introduced separately. (better check all places between smallest and country, to make sure other layers don’t have it as introduced too)


Please flag the taxon for curation in iNaturalist, and discuss it there.

Taking a quick look, it appears to have been given Introduced establishment means for all of Europe, which means this will override display of any other status for any European location. The status for Europe should be set to Endemic (if it hasn’t been introduced outside Europe), or Native (if it has been introduced outside Europe).

By the way, once a taxon has been introduced outside it’s (formerly) Endemic area, it remains Native there, but is no longer Endemic.

Closing this topic to direct discussion to an iNaturalist flag instead.