Mast year in Massachusetts? Or just me?

I’m mostly in and around Boston Massachusetts these days, and this year my seasonal allergies have bothered me more than they have in well over a decade.

I wouldn’t rule out this relating in some way to either wearing a mask for months or the after effects on my histamine system of having covid some time ago.

But, anecdotally, it has seemed to me several types of trees I pass on a daily basis have been flowering for a lot longer than I recall in the past. It made me wonder if some confluence of climate and weather patterns was coming together to cause a mast year.

Any thoughts?

I think the cool, damp weather of the past week or two has allowed trees and other flowering plants t o flower for longer than usual. If it had been hot and dry, the plants would have finished much sooner.

she says, rubbing her itchy eyes in sympathy

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Right below you guys in Rhode Island, I’ve noticed oddly warm periods earlier this spring and winter. It reached around 80F early last month. Maybe that could have something to do with it?

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Allergy season is getting worse in general, according to an article in the Washington Post (gift link).

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