May need to "clean up" another project with a bunch of student accounts' observations

While IDing unknowns tonight, I saw a bunch of observations from students in this collection project:

Many of the kids seem to be accepting CV suggestions when they produce a funny result (eg. a human that the CV suggests is a dog, horse, eel, etc).

It’s a collection project based on a location, so I don’t think the project admins have any connection to the students (the project was created in 2019 and only uses the place as a term; not users or dates).

I think it may just have happened to use a location where a field trip later coincidentally took place, but it’s a good jumping off point for finding these observations.

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up before even more observations with CV-suggested joke IDs come in.


The biggest problem there is that probably almost all of those obs are of cultivated stuff.

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So another Gerald may be en-route, I’ll have to get to a better connection to load the page.

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