Posting 2 pics that are about 1 min apart separately and

Hi this is my first post here , I’ve been hanging about just reading. I did try a couple of searches but did not find just what I was looking for. Heres the thing. I seem to have posted the same specimen a min apart 2x. Someone then ID’d them both. ( which made me realize i did not add the pic to the entry but created a second one.} Normally i would have deleted one and put it in the proper location but now it will effect the id’ers count. Do we have a process for this kind of thing. I was thinking of just changing it and leaving a note on it ? Is there back channels to notify the id’er or do I just leave it. The counts seem to mean a lot to some and nothing to others. I had a really nice person explain to me when I started how nice and tidy to put multiple pics of the same specimen together and I couldn’t agree more.


Just delete one of them if you so wish to. If the person who did the ID is that motivated by their ID count, they will pretty quickly find something else to make up for it.


Don’t worry about ID or observation counts. iNaturalist shouldn’t be a competition. There is no prize for having the most IDs or observations, and it’s better to group photos of the same organism at the same time under a single observation. Theoretically, technically, I could make an observation of the tree outside my house every hour of every day to drive up observation counts, or make separate observations for every individual bird seen in a flock, but that wouldn’t realistically be meaningful.


I wouldn’t worry about notifying the IDer unless they were IDed to two different things.


Any identifier would be happy with deleted duplicate, nobody likes those.


Welcome to the forum! I had the same problem at first and deleted it. I didn’t think about notifying the IDer. :-0 If you do want to notify them, you could use a direct message.

It’s kind of you to be concerned about other people’s reactions. However, you get to do what you want to about this and don’t expect anyone to be upset about your choice, either way.


Thank you all. I will delete one.

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