Pictures now missing from observations

I posted 9 observations this morning and believed they all uploaded just fine. When I returned home I noticed that one of the observations (65654382, a Northwestern Salamander) did not have any photos. This did not make sense, as I had created the observation via the photo-taking function of iNat. Luckily I checked and I had a photo of the specimen on my phone, so I filled in the photo afterwards.

An hour later I was looking through my observations and saw two other recent observations with no photo (64799088, a Northwestern Salamander, and 65558676, a Western Red-backed Salamander). This made even less sense, as I would have noticed the problem before in my data work (I do extensive work recording my entries after I make them). Even more definitively, the observations were ID’d by others after they were made, which shows for certain that the pictures were once there.

Where did the pictures go? Was there some sort of deletion in the iNat database?

Platform: Android

App version number: 1.20.27 (458)


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I just found the issue in another entry. Once again, this entry was ID’d by another user which proves that the photo was there at one point.

Since you seem to be using the Android app, can you please send your log files to
Go to About, and triple tap the version number. You’ll get the option to send them.

What browser are you using?
Can you include screenshots from your phone?

Thanks, I sent the log files.

I am using Google Chrome. Here are a couple screenshots from my laptop since that is easiest.