Messy Hummingbird Nest Question

I’ve been monitoring a Rufous Hummingbird nest in the woods near me since the 26th of April, I’ve estimated the 2 chicks hatched sometime around May 1st.
Today when I went to check the nest (following Cornell NestWatch protocols) I noticed that there is alot of poop accumulating around the nest. I know that baby hummingbirds “aim” their poop outside the nest to keep it clean, but since the nest is on a holly branch the poop is accumulating on the big leaves just outside of them.
Anyways I am a bit concerned about the amount of poop just outside the nest and whether or not it may be harmful to them as they still should have approximately 2 more weeks until they may fledge. Would it be ok for me to clean up some of the poop maybe with something like a toothpick or a fine brush or should I simply leave it alone?
Here are the links to the observations I’ve posted so far of the nest:

I don’t see that much poop to become worried, but if you can clean it between parents feeding chicks, it won’t harm them (unless crow sees you). When I google hummingbird nests they all show quite a lot of poop, so it’s normal.


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