I have an observation in iNaturalist of a fly that I identified as Toxomerus geminatus (Eastern Calligrapher), and was given Research Grade. However, as I was going through my photographs of hover flies and making a mental note of the species I have been seeing recently, I realized that the fly in that posted observation is probably Toxomerus marginatus (Margined Calligrapher). Is there anyway it can be rechecked and verified/corrected?


All you have to do is go to your observation, and add in your new ID of T. marginatus. Your old ID of T. geminatus will be automatically withdrawn, the overall ID of the observation will shift to the lowest common denominator, which in this case will be Toxomerus, and it will go back to ‘Needs ID’.

Whoever confirmed your ID will get a notification indicating that you added a new ID, and they can then either withdraw, modify or leave their ID. You could also add a comment to the observation letting them know you think you made an error/that you’re correcting it, and asking for their thoughts, or tag some of the top identifiers of that genus/species asking for their feedback.




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