Misplaced Creek on Map for Morgantown, WV

Platform: Android (and sort of the website)

App version number: version 1.29.5 (579)

Browser, if a website issue (Firefox, Chrome, etc) : Microsoft Edge

Description of problem The position of the West Run creek on the map is wrong. Located just outside the city limits of Morgantown, West Virigina, the iNaturalist map places it. . . oh, maybe a hundred feet farther north than it is in the real world. It’s very obvious on the Android version of the iNaturalist app, which shows overlays of buildings. According to the app’s version of the map, West Run supposedly cuts through multiple clusters of townhouses, and at least one business (Architectural Interior Products). And several smaller outbuildings are on the wrong side of the creek (appearing on the south side, when they’re actually on the north.

In the real world, West Run is much closer to Quadrilla St, and is the reason that the east end of Quadrilla stops at Riddle Ave. The creek literally runs through the back yards of the houses east of Riddle on Tremont St.

I have not doublechecked the whole thing, but the problem seems to start near Creekside Dr, and goes at least to St. Clair Hill Rd.

iNaturalist does not maintain the maps used in the app, they are loaded from Google Maps and all data in the maps are curated and maintained by Google. I would go to the stream on the google maps website and try to find the option to suggest a correction.


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