Missing AI suggestions for one observation

Impossible to get AI suggestions for identifying this observation:

The issue happens only with this observation, but it happens always and with different browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge


I am using Google chrome and I got the same result as you, it seems to be stuck on that picture. I checked other unknown observations and they at least always seem to provide some ID suggestion, but not this one.

Curiously you get the same result of you look at it in the ID modal. As soon as you narrow the taxon range to e.g. plants or insects you get the normal expected results.

It seems that any crop with both the bee and the flowers in it won’t get any suggestions.

It seems to work for me now, currently Bombus is the top AI suggestion. I’m using Chrome.

Now it works for me too. Very strange.

With the existing ID, the range of taxa to be searched has now been limited, and that has worked before too. If you use the ID modal and clear the Taxon filter, it stalls again.

This has been fixed now: