Missing or misdocumented DELETE functionality for /observation_field_values/{id}?

I’m using the Python requests module and API v1, following https://api.inaturalist.org/v1/docs/.

It’s not clear to me, from the documentation, how to delete an observation field value. The doc doesn’t seem to indicate where to specify the field ID to be deleted.

All my DELETE requests to /observation_field_values/166694662 are returning 404 errors, as “{“error”:{“original”:{“error”:“Not found”}},“status”:404}". It happens both with an “empty” request as documented (not trying to specify which field to delete) and with several guesses as to the format of a data object that could specify it:

I could be missing something (maybe the same issue as for the 404s from PUT requests? but again can’t figure out what it might be.

Thanks again!

Similar to what I noted in the related issue 404s from PUT requests, I’d double check that you’re using the right observation field value ID, and that you’re not using an observation ID

Yep, you nailed it! I thought {id} meant the observation ID, but replacing it with the unique ID for this-field-on-this-observation seems to work perfectly. Thank you!