Query API by observation_field or observation_field_value?

Is is possible to query the API for observations that are flagged with a particular observation field (i.e., field = any_value) or for observations flagged with a particular value for that observation field (field = some_value) ?

Example: I’m looking for the API equivalent of https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?field:New%20Smokies%20ATBI%20record%3F= which displays 125 observations flagged with the New Smokies ATBI record? field.

It looks like observation field info is returned in the ofvs section of on observation’s JSON (per this post), but can we search on it specifically?

It also looks like the /observation_field_values endpoint allows you to create, update, or delete values, but again I’m looking to search on them.

I’m guessing the answer will be in the q field of the GET /observations endpoint, but if so how should that query be formatted?

Thanks for any help!

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You can usually put the same parameters into the get observations endpoint for the same results, e.g. https://api.inaturalist.org/v1/observations?field:New%20Smokies%20ATBI%20record%3F=


Well that was simple! Thanks @jwidness


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