Missing Pinned Locations

As of today, when I try to access a certain pinned location, the drop down list indicates that there are 32 locations but the actual dropdown list shows only 30 locations. The last two locations are not showing as available to use. I thought I had somehow deleted them so tried to create them again but was told that this location already existed.
How do I get to those two locations so that I can use them?

Well, I figured out that if I deleted two of the less important locations, I was able to view the two missing locations. I guess there is a limit of 30 locations for the drop down menu.


Good to know! I will have to anticipate that.

Have a look at the last two posts in this thread:
Is this what you’re asking?

You can have as many as you like. You can search for them by typing in the name of the one you want.