Drop down list of Pinned Locations won't show more than 40 locations

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Step 1: upload a photo to add as an observation

Step 2: Click in the location box to bring up the location dialog

Step 3: Click on the “pinned locations” window. When I do this a drop-down box appears, but only the first 40 or so pinned locations appear on the list. The number of pinned locations shows that there are more, but I can only access those later in the alphabet (after “Rachel”) by typing in the name. This is both confusing and inconvenient– at first I thought my locations were not being added and try to add them multiple times. All the locations should show in the drop-down list.

It is a known feature, I think there were reports before, hope mods will find one.

This isn’t a bug, it’s intended, so I’m going to close it. Please submit a feature request if you would like a change to be made here.