Display more than 40 locations in drop down list of pinned locations

Being able to pin locations is a great feature of iNaturalist, and saves me a lot of time when submitting new observations from a pinned location. (I don’t like geo-tagging because it often either makes too much information available or requires you to obscure locations). But it is only useful if it is easy to access the locations you save.

I discovered recently that the drop down list of pinned locations will only display 40 locations and is arbitrarily cut off in alphabetical order, so you can’t see the locations with names that begin at end of the alphabet. The only way to find the hidden pinned locations is if you remember you saved it, remember the name you gave it, and then can search for it.

I’ve also been informed that this is intentional rather than a bug. But the limitation serves no useful purpose for the user. So I request that it be eliminated as soon as feasible.

Thank you

I am not sure if this exact request is the best way to fix this, or if my previous feature request which was connected and didn’t go through would be any better either…

But I voted for your feature… as broadly speaking, I still think this is a part of the UI that could be bettered somehow. It’s a bit awkward at the moment.