Missing Twitter card when sharing project tab link

I have a couple of projects I like to share on Twitter occasionally. If I share a link to the project (such as https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/biodiversity-in-the-Hinckley-Station-area) I get a nice Twitter card like this:

But the project overview page is not very interesting for non-naturalists and doesn’t work well on mobile devices:

The observations tab gives a more interesting view of the project and works better on mobile:

But the link (https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/biodiversity-in-the-hinckley-station-area?tab=observations) doesn’t look good on Twitter because there’s no card:

Would it be possible to improve this please?


I think this is a great idea.

This may actually belong in bug reports and not feature requests though!

I’m looking at the headers of the pages you link to and it looks like they have both twitter cards and open graph tags already in the header. This suggests to me that people have already tried to implement twitter cards but either didn’t complete their implementation, or perhaps didn’t test it fully out for these pages.

I don’t know how the moderators classify these things but my intuition here is that this is more a bug report than a feature request.


Thanks @cazort, I have moved this to the bug reports category :+1:

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I’m not sure what changed, but that Twitter card loads for me now when link to one of the tabs of a project.


It also worked for several other random projects I tried.


Yes that works now. Thanks for letting us know and thank you to whoever charged it :+1: