Linking Projects to Facebook or twitter - what does this actually do?

Hi - I’m setting up Collections and Umbrella Projects and I’ve linked them to my Facebook and twitter accounts. Although its not clear to me what this link actually does? I expected maybe a notice or something in those social media feeds?

My broader question to the Forum would be if there is a way to say post a message via iNaturalist that pops up on Facebook/Twitter? If so, then for Facebook, can the post come up in my FB Project page or just personal feed? I hope I have the terminology correct!

Many thanks!

Hi Paul! Can you share a screenshot and URL of where on the site that you see an option for a link from a project to Facebook or Twitter?

Hi - yep. its on the right-hand side of you Account Info page -screenshot attached.

Ah okay–those connections aren’t related to projects at all.

Connecting your iNat account to accounts on other sites will allow you to login to iNat using your credentials from those sites.

As for your question,

iNaturalist doesn’t have a feature for doing this. It’s possible there’s a way to use a service like IFTTT to automate these types of posts. You can always post the links manually of course too. :)

Ah, ok yes of course. Makes sense. Thanks for the help, and tips!

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