More Details for each type of birds

Hi all, I know that it would be complicated to ID a particular bird by just IDing a photo. I understand that…however, there should be an option where people can populate what type of bird it is (leucistic/hybrid/morph/mutant etc) When we go through other photos there should also be a button to generate a list of people who have tagged their bird type, in which area and when they were found so users could subscribe to that specific bird next time they are in that area. Almost like a rare bird alert but not necessarily a rare one.

You can subscribe to a taxon and to a place (don’t know if you can get both together as one) on the main iNat page there’s a tab for it.
You can add colour mutants (leucistic is a bad word to use, you can read about it here: to projects like Amazing aberrants, Intersex Ducks or add observation field to them and see observations with the same field/same choice in the field.

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I love the color mutant idea. Would it be okay if I put a feature request for an annotation for color mutants?

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There’s already an observation field “aberrant type” even though it’s not the best scientifically.

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Yes, you can have a subscription to a combined place/taxon…it’s very useful!

If you click to add a subscription to a place, it has an optional field for a taxon right below, so, if you’re like me, you can subscribe to Anoles of Florida, USA, etc.


Not quite the same, but those sorts of obs would be right at home in Amazing Aberrants as well.

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