Nature Phenomena Annotation?

I searched the forum for phenomena and oddities to see if a discussion/request had been previously made and was unable to find a thread.

Recently while identifying Ebony Jewelwings I came across an observation that had half clear and half black wings, completely out of the ordinary, at least that I am aware. I purposely did not ID it but commented alerting an expert.

I was thinking, that over the years, I have seen a number of “oddities” and thought it would be beneficial in some way to have a means to identfy these. Perhaps, add an additional annotation? with clarifiers? I would imagine this would include leucism, albinism and any other terms specific to nature phenomena.

Here is an example of what I would consider an oddity:
Is there a term for an additional tail/telson?

Thoughts? If there seems to be a concensus I will submit a feature request.

I know this is not the focus of your post, but is it possible it was a different species in the same genus. River Jewelwings and Sparkling Jewelwings have wings that are half black and half clear.

There are a number of existing observation fields that can be used for things like leucism, albinism, etc.

For example, see the Aberrant Type observation field.

You may be interested in the Amazing Aberrants project. There’s also a project specific to birds: Albino & Leucistic Birds.


swampster, thanks for the feedback. I was unaware of that field and will use this in the future. As for the Jewelwing, although I am not an expert, I am familiar with jewelwings and it was an anomaly in wing coloring. Unfortunately I am unable to find the observation. Thanks again.

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Was this the observation that spurred your original comment @ellendale?


Yes it was. Thank you.

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I added both the horseshoe crab and jewelwing observations to the Aberrant Arthropods project as well.


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